In 2011, we decided to break with our lives before to launch JAGVI in France after a life shared between Italy and Scandinavia. inspired by these three cultures (French , Italian and of Northern Europe) , our common passion is photography essential testimony refinement of our trips. Therefore, we wished to share our aesthetic heritage through our menswear collections JAGVI, contemporary, minimalist and urban . Every day we shape the JAGVI image by choosing our fabrics in Europe and Japan exclusively. Jagvi resumes Scandinavian words that inspire us, Jag and Vi which means ME and WE in Swedish. Founded in 2011 in France, Jagvi offers contemporary menswear, refined and timeless, clothes to wear every day and inspired by people we know. Jagvi as a call for sharing, friendship and authenticity with a contemporary and urban message at a time. Today JAGVI has over 50 several multi-brand sales partners in France and internationally, including great department stores in Paris, in USA or in Germany.

14 rue des Coutures Saint Gervais
PARIS 3ème Le Marais 75003


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