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Minute & Azimut
We are Minute & Azimut. Inspired by the golden age of watchmaking, we create beautiful luxury watches that are elegant and durable, yet affordable.

We believe in luxury watches that combine minimalist 1960s design with high quality Swiss-made quartz movement; timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

Our beautiful Bisham range of luxury watches, named after the Bisham Woods in Berkshire, remain quintessentially English. Finished with sapphire glass and interchangeable straps made from alligator, lizard, and calfskin, each timepiece is assembled in our London studio, its components sourced from the finest materials found in Europe and beyond.

At Minute & Azimut, our founding principle is a simple one: to provide elegant and durable luxury watches whilst giving back to the environment.

If we take from the Earth, we must give back, and so we partner with the Woodland Trust. As a Hazel Member, we contribute directly to the conservation of British woodland. With each timepiece we create, we move closer towards our vision for a greener future.

Studio 91
173 Rosebery Avenue EC1R 4UP


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Nick Underwood
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Winnie Poon
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