Good News
Bringing the world a little bit of good news. Co-Founders Ben Tattersall and Nia Jones share one aspiration: to bring a little bit of good news to the world. Having both studied fashion at university, the duo went on to gain essential industry experience working in retail, sales, design and buying. Noting a gap in the market, they combined their knowledge and launched Good News, a British contemporary footwear brand at a reachable price point.
Inspired by retro American culture and baseball, Good News look to combine 70s colour palettes with minimalistic clean lines and modern bold shapes; creating a fresh iconic unisex style. For Autumn Winter '17 each style can be chosen in a high-top or low height and incorporates a unique thick rubber sole, which offers wearers extreme comfort.
Each iconic piece is named after a traditional baseball term; ‘Dinger' after a homerun, ‘Hurler' the fast pitch, ‘Babe' after legendary Babe Ruth and ‘Slugger' after the ball is hit out of the park.

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