Kirstie Maclaren

Kirstie Maclaren
Having always been drawn to architecture, Kistie's collection is heavily inspired by an architectural movement called Brutalism. She is inspired by concrete structures such as The National Theatre and Chamberlin, Powell & Bon's Barbican, as well as her love for Modernism and the luxuriousness of Art Deco. Together these have all resulted in her 'Beton Brut' collection - the french for 'raw concrete' and how the term Brutalism came about. The oversized blockiness of these structures and their predominately geometric forms are the basis for Kirstie's designs. All pieces are handmade in her east London studio.

6a Scawfell Street
Kirstie Maclaren Jewellery
London E2 8NG

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Jessica Miller
Tel: + (0) 79 6945 0218