Marios Ioannou

Gloverall's reputation is built on hand crafted garments which stand the test of time. Our uncompromising quality is renowned worldwide and our raw, understated style has become an iconic handwriting. Home to the original duffle coat, the foundations of the brand have been built on manufacturing quality British outerwear. This strong brand history, dating back to 1950, is something we are extremely proud of.


Few styles can claim to be as democratic in appeal to both men and women, or as easy to wear and protective as the duffle coat. Whether it's go-to uniform for schoolchildren and military leaders like Field Marshall Montgomery, a blue-collar style statement for the 1960's Beat Generation, a cutesy throw-on for the nation's favourite Bear, or a celeb-led nod to trends, the duffle coat remains relevant from counter-culture to the catwalk.


While the duffle coat remains the beating heart of Gloverall, there is so much more to our story. The collection has grown over the years to offer a variety of styles. Incorporating thoughtful, modern design and solidifying the sturdy reputation Gloverall has built as a testimony to its strong ethos and core values. Working closely with highly skilled craftsmen up and down the British Isles. Gloverall continues to be at the forefront of British manufacture. This long-standing relationship has been built over generations to create a genuine hard-wearing product, crafted with the utmost care and consideration. 

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